Counselling – at a time and a place convenient for you.

I believe we can all benefit from counselling.  We look after our body, watch our diet and exercise. However, we are slow to look after our mind, our thoughts and our emotions.

What if we took the time to talk about our feelings, our relationship, our family, with a skilled neutral person in a confidential conversation?

What if we took the time every month for an emotional “ check-in”? What would your life look like if you had that safe space to talk about those sticking points before they become hurdles?


The benefit of online ( that is face to face on Skype or FaceTime ) and telephone counselling is that we can meet at a time and place that is convenient for you. You are no longer limited to a specific geographical location.

Anonymity :

Telephone counselling offers anonymity as many people seeking help or treatment may carry shame or embarrassment. Although there is no need to feel ashamed for exploring treatment options, it can be difficult for people to admit they need professional help. Telephone counselling offers almost complete anonymity, as it allows you to communicate from wherever you are without travelling to a specific location. It also helps people to discuss issues more openly, as it’s sometimes easier to describe sensitive and deep concerns without making direct eye contact.

It’s much easier to schedule a counselling appointment when you aren’t required to travel anywhere.  No traffic or train or tram to deal with, making the counselling session more therapeutic and less stressful.


Telephone and online sessions are easy when you aren’t feeling well or are overly upset. You don’t have to step out in public to complete the meeting. Most times an appointment can be arranged within 24 hours.

Lastly, always seek out a counsellor with whom you have a good rapport. My 15 minutes pre-counselling telephone call will help you get a feel of whether you would like to work with me.

Give me a call 0417 011 202. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I look forward to speaking with you.