Professional supervision is a positive and enabling process that offers the opportunity to bring an employee and a skilled supervisor together to reflect on work practice.

Working with Yvonne you will have the opportunity to review and evaluate your work practices, manage the emotional impact of your role, develop self care plans and move towards your professional and developmental goals using ethical principles and best practice outcomes.

Professional supervision can help you to manage work pressures and thrive in your career. If you are in a field that may be emotionally impacting your daily life and professional performance, attending Professional Supervision will offer you the opportunity to talk about the things that are worrying you and look for solutions.

It is common for workers in the fields of social work, psychology, counselling, health work, teachers, clergy, doctors, nurses, and support services to seek out professional supervision.

No matter your profession, if you are experiencing emotional impacts beyond your ability to manage, please seek help.

How Can Professional Supervision Help Me?

Yvonne can work with you as a Professional Supervisor to help manage emotions stemming from work, review your professional practices, provide objective feedback, plan for self-care, strengthen your skills and develop pathways to your professional goals including:

  • A positive working relationship between the Supervisor and the Supervisee.

  • An environment in which to identify any possible mental or emotional health issues.
  • An opportunity for the supervisor to learn and expand their knowledge base.
  • Helping the counsellor develop further as a professional within the accepted guidelines.

  • Supporting the counsellor and encouraging them to self-reflect on their actions and identify what influences them and why.
  • Helping the supervisee with business building skills and career development.

Please feel free to call with any questions you might have about how Yvonne would work with you.

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Please feel free to call with any questions you might have about how Yvonne would work with you.

Get inspired and motivated with Yvonne’s articles: