Imagine if there was nothing standing between you and the life you want to live.
Picture it now, no internal barrier stopping you from having the confidence to land that dream job, financial stability, self-love and harmony in all of your relationships.

As out of reach as each of these things may feel, I assure you they truly aren’t. If you feel as though your mind is what’s holding you back, you’re not alone. Part of being human is experiencing struggle or emotional pain, learning and then growing. 

The good news is, you already have the power to make a change. By choosing to be proactive and work with me, you’re consciously taking steps toward your best possible life! I offer online, telephone and in-person counselling from Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast. 

Counselling gives you the tools to regain self-respect and restore your confidence. I can guide you to identify the roots of any self-esteem issues, help you safely work through any traumatic events and help you understand how to reach your truest potential. If it’s a relationship problem that you are facing, I can assist both of you to work through the issues, together, in a neutral environment.

Why Come to Counselling?

When you feel as though something isn’t right and you’re not able to solve it alone, you should seek out the help of someone you feel comfortable with. The goal of counselling is to assist people in becoming confident and independent while uplifting them to live fulfilling lives. 

Help may involve one-on-one sessions or couples counselling, to resolve both personal and relationship issues. Relationship counselling can work to strengthen your emotional connection and sense of trust. Separation and divorce counselling also provides the tools you need to manage difficult times and get on the road to recovery.

What Happens at Counselling?

At the first session, you will be supported to outline any issues you may have and can expect to gain a sense of what can be achieved with Yvonne’s help. You can trust that Yvonne will be straightforward and honest when answering any questions you may have about the process. 

As is the nature of addressing sensitive issues, counselling can be challenging and sometimes confronting, which is why it is vital that you feel safe to speak openly and free from judgement. Whether you choose to connect in-person, online or over the phone, you will be in a comfortable and completely confidential environment. During either one-on-one or couples therapy, forming an open bond with your counsellor is the crucial first step towards a life lived to the greatest capacity.

“It’s not what you look at that matters.It’s what you see.” –  Henry David Thoreau

Please feel free to call with any questions you might have about how counselling may work for you:

Mob  0417 011 202

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Please feel free to call with any questions you might have about how counselling may work for you:

Get inspired and motivated with Yvonne’s articles:

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