Yvonne Flanders

All services are offered at my office in  Mermaid Waters, the Gold Coast, or online and over the phone.

Evening and weekend appointments are available.

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Evening and weekend appointments are available. Online and on the phone appointments are available.

Email: yvonne@yvonneflanders.com.au

“Having worked with Yvonne for a few years, I really appreciate that she listens with empathy and then helps me cut through all the emotion and worry to focus on what I can do instead on what I wish had or hadn’t happened. She really helps me with clarity about a situation. She has been a real resource in helping me to control my worries and fears.”

“Thank you, Yvonne, for the respect and understanding that you demonstrated during the time I have spent speaking with you. Your gentle and relaxed manner made it less challenging to speak freely about the very personal issues I needed to think & talk through. Your help will not be forgotten.”

“I wasn’t comfortable talking about my issue at first but Yvonne put me completely at ease with her warm and caring manner. She was really interested in listening to what I had to say and I felt I could speak to her in confidence, which was very comforting considering my predicament.”


“I trusted Yvonne to truly listen and then guide me towards managing my life.  She never told me what to do although sometimes I dearly wanted “ the rules”. Instead, she helped me clarify what was important to me and then work toward my plans.  I found the whole experience immensely useful. Knowing she is there if I get stuck again is also very reassuring.”


“We will be sure to come back to the tools you provided for us. I feel much more reassured and confident that we can have a lasting and happy marriage.” 

M & K, Pre Marriage Counselling