You may recall from my last post, the procrastination equation:

Effectiveness X Value

Impulsiveness X Delay

To recap this means that your level of procrastination is determined by how effective you find yourself at the task multiplied by how much you value the task divided by how easily distracted you are ( impulsiveness) times how long you have to complete the task. All very well you may say, but what can I do about it?!?

In the next posts, I will break down each element and suggest ways you can work with each element.

Tips for increasing your effectiveness.

No one started at the top. The idea of an overnight success is non-existent. If you are good at something, you must have worked at it. Think back to something that you do effortlessly, like walking or reading. There was a time when it all seemed impossible. You had two key elements at the beginning—lots of time to practice and a very supportive audience of parents and teachers to aid you. Every success was celebrated.

Piers Steel, in The Procrastination Equation calls these two techniques Success Spirals and Vicarious Victory. Spiral your success by small steps in mastery. Make sure you record them just as your family did when you made those first steps. With Vicarious Victory, surround yourself with inspirational people and make them part of your success.

Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best. You hope it will all work out ok, but you have an alternative plan just in case it doesn’t. Think about how your plans have failed in the past? What happened?

Why didn’t it work? Set up a disaster recovery plan before it happens and have some emergency backup, perhaps from your support group.

Accept that you are addicted to delay. If you can put it off, you will and you have. Accept that the first delay is only the beginning of a long series of delays. Just this once is the slide into inaction.

I guess the main thing for me about Effectiveness is awareness. You need to be aware of you how you sabotage your good intentions and be alert to ask for help and support.

So here they are again:

1. Success Spirals—set small and obtainable goals and keep building on your successes

2. Vicarious Victory—engage others to inspire and encourage you

3. Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best set up a disaster recovery plan

4. Accept Addiction to Delay- will power won’t cut it. If you can put it off, you will! Call in your support team and disaster recovery plan.


“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” ~ Napoleon Hill